What the professionals are saying about HaganaH & the F.I.G.H.T. Programme.



“Your training has given my soldiers the confidence that they will not only survive a hostile encounter with the enemy, but also dominate, destroy & overcome him with superior technique & skill.”

- Robert B Gaston

Lieutenant Colonel

US Army Commander

Counter-drug Task Force





“Exceptional hand-to-hand combat and anti-terrorism tactics instruction to members on the front line of the Coast Guard Counter Narco-Terrorism mission

- JJ Daly


US Coast Guard

Taclet South





“I cannot overstate the unique nature of the training & how powerful this has been as a combat multiplier for myself & my instructors.”

- Kelsey R. Thompson

Major, United States Marine Corps

Director Of Marine Training

Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado





“Your training has given my Marines the confidence & experience to encounter a new threat from the enemy & survive”

- CD Noble

Captain, US Navy

Expeditionary Warfare Training Group

Commanding Officer





“Mike Lee Kanarek is a maelstrom of instructional intensity. Each day of training under his tutelage brought a standing ovation. He is that good.

I can say without qualification, F.I.G.H.T. works.”

- Daniel Modell, Lieutenant,

Tactical Training Unit








Joe Lewis

World Heavyweight Full Contact

Karate Champion